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Welcome to Westport PAL


The Westport PAL is one of Westport's oldest youth Organizations.
 Established in 1948, the Westport PAL continues to blaze a trail with many outstanding
Youth Athletic Programs, College Scholarships and their support of the Westport Community.
The Westport PAL is a non-profit organization run by both active and
retired police officers and volunteers from our Community.  

At the core of the Westport PAL organization is our volunteers and our partnership with the town.  
That is our secret to success.

PAL activities include the funding and producing of the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Show,
the Ice Rink at Longshore, Police Chief Sam Luciano Golf Tournament, Children's Holiday Party, College Scholarships and the numerous Youth Athletic Programs which include Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading, Rugby, Boys and Girls Basketball, 
Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Track & Field.

Today's Westport PAL has over 2,000 children participating in its sports programs and annually awards more than 25 College Scholarships.

There are many youth programs but there is only one PAL!
Fireworks Show at Compo Beach



Westport P.A.L. is committed to improving the lives of our children and community.

As a keystone to the Westport community, established in 1949.
We are asking that you champion Westport P.A.L. and make a donation.
"It's All About The Kids"

Westport P.A.L. is a local 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization, 


posted 04/04/2019
April-June Spring Track and Fitness Program



Registration is still open for our Spring Program 

Click here for more details from the Spring Track Page


Training is in all areas of the sport.  We will focus on building endurance,
increasing agility, flexibility,  power, and speed. 
Our program is open to all boys and girls in grades 2 through 8 and at all levels of experience.  


TIME:  5:30 - 6:45
Location: Staples High School Field House - North Ave. Westport

Direct questions to Coach Jesse McCray at (203) 342-1488 or


posted 03/30/2019
Training Tips


Westport P.A.L. is proud to have Performance Physical Therapy and Wellness providing
sports injury and athletic training services.


Training Tip I- Athletes need to fuel up properly before starting their workout or practice. Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for exercise. 
30 to 60 minutes before exercise eat something that is easily digested and carbohydrate-rich. The recommended amount of carbohydrates per hour for peak performance is 45-60 grams. Between 10-20 grams of protein is needed during workouts also for optimal performance. For exercise that is 90 minutes or longer, a larger amount of food is necessary. 
  Examples of foods to eat pre-performance are:
- Peanut Butter with a Banana
- Whole grain Wheat toast with fruit preserve
- Turkey sandwich on whole grain wheat bread with light sandwich spread.
- Bowl of Multi-grain cereal with low-fat milk.
- Pretzels or Pita Chips with hummus spread.

Training Tip 2 - Flexibility can help improve muscle performance and decrease the risk of injury.  Low intensity, dynamic movements prior to engaging in a sport can help warm up the body and prepare muscles for higher intensity activities.  Use a dynamic warm-up prior to play and static stretches after to increase flexibility when muscles are more elastic. 

As always, an athlete should listen to their body. If there seem to be re-occurring injuries to the same area of the body during sports participation, 
it may be attributed to over-patterning. The best course of action is proper medical care and rest!




posted 03/29/2019
Keeping Your Profile Up-to-date

All Westport PAL families can update their contact information such as addresses,
phone numbers, and e-mails at any time. 

It is the responsibility of the LEGAL GUARDIAN who created the family profile to make any changes to address,
phone numbers, email addresses AND adding additional parent/guardian profiles to the player.

Here's how:
1) Click on the 'Edit My Account' tab located on the left margin of the home page.
2) Enter your e-mail address and password.  (Don't know your password, just read the instructions above the data entry box.
Still, have questions?   Go to the Website Help pages located on the home page and all sports tabs.)
3) Click on any family member's name and you will have access to change what you need
Westport PAL Policy prohibits coaches and admin personnel from making changes to member profiles.

Keeping your information up to date is important. 
All PAL sports rely on the contact information in our database and outdated information may cause you to miss important updates.

Thank you for being a part of Westport P.A.L.

posted 05/14/2011
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It's All About the Kids
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