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POSITION TITLE:  Athletic Director

ORGANIZATION: Westport Police Athletic League

ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW:  The Westport Police Athletic League “PAL” is one of Westport's oldest youth organizations.  Established in 1948, the Westport PAL continues to blaze a trail with many outstanding youth athletic programs, college scholarships and their support of the Westport community.  The Westport PAL is a non-profit organization run by both active and
retired police officers and volunteers from our community.   At the core of the Westport PAL organization is our volunteers and our partnership with the town – that is our secret to success.

PAL activities include the funding and producing of the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Show,
the Ice Rink at Longshore, Police Chief Sam Luciano Golf Tournament, Children's Holiday Party, college scholarships and the numerous youth athletic programs which include Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading, Rugby, Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Track & Field.

Today's Westport PAL has over 2,000 children participating in its sports programs and annually awards more than 25 college scholarships.

POSITION SUMMARY: Coordinate and manage all operations of youth sports under the Westport Police Athletic League.  The position reports directly to the PAL President.


Develop a strategic vision for Westport youth athletics in collaboration with PAL sports presidents, the Athletic Director at Staples and the PAL board of trustees.

Be the liaison between Westport PAL youth sports committees and the president of the Westport PAL.  Serve as liaison for Westport PAL Trustees, Treasurer, and Westport PAL general body, when necessary.  This includes assisting in Town initiatives and appearing for any presentation to Town commissions related to Westport PAL.

Work closely with Westport Parks and Recreation, and other youth athletic programs in Town, to coordinate resources, capital expenditures, use of athletic facilities and coordinate athletic events.   Includes working with sports presidents and parks & recreation to ensure efficient and fair and equitable field/facility usage.

Develop and implement a strategy and standards to attract, select, train and evaluate all youth coaches, which consist of both paid and volunteer coaches.

Ensure that consistent standards are being utilized by each PAL sports board relative to their governance and participation, coaching requirements, player and parent protocols, website management and budget processes.  Develop procedures to assist volunteer sports presidents and coaches and attend and participate in board meetings of each PAL sport.  Ensure all youth sports programs abide by PAL mission statement and policies.

Develop a plan to increase participation in PAL youth athletics as well as a way to encourage more multi-sport athletes and multi-sport participation and ensure that youth sports are financially accessible to every young athlete in Westport.

Review and assist in creation and presentation of Westport PAL youth sports budgets to the PAL treasurer. Review expenditures from athletics accounts and assist in the coordination of procurement of equipment for all youth sports programs and ensure the efficient use of resources.

Develop and implement a marketing program for PAL, including use of digital and social media marketing channels to reach our community.  Assist in the design and coordination of these digital channels, especially the functionality and use of the PAL website.  Maintain and review data entered to ensure current and accurate information is posted.

Strategically identify and aid in development and implementation of new sports programs for PAL.

Provide leadership for holistic and sports specific fundraising efforts for sponsorship and donations to support PAL athletic programs.

Work in harmony with the Staples high school Athletic Director, our high school sports programs and youth sports programs, with a vision to create a seamless transition from the PAL youth sports to our high school sports.

Oversee the operation and maintenance of the PAL Clubhouse located at P.J. Romano field on Riverside Avenue.



The ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge of current practices of athletic programs, supervision techniques, administrative budgeting, and financial recordkeeping and control procedures.  Candidate must have knowledge and experience in scheduling field/facility availability for practices and games.  Must be proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. 

Must have the ability to integrate multiple activities and programs around the goals of the PAL, develop and provide athletic services to meet the needs of a wide variety of young athletes, communicate effectively orally and in writing and establish cooperative working relationships in the course of performing assigned duties.

It is desirable that the Athletic Director not be parent or guardian of a child currently participating in any PAL youth sports program.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Athletics, Physical Education, Recreation, Business Administration or closely related field; or a combination of education and background in program planning and organization, prior experience as an athletic director, coach; or any combination of athletic administrative experience, development of athletic activities and experience in fundraising.



Travel, evening, and weekend hours will be necessary to attend youth program meetings or Town commission meetings.



Oversee Presidents of sport organization committees. Address complaints and resolve disputes.



Salary: DOE

Position does not include Health Benefits