Westport CT 06880 The Westport Police Athletic League is a leading non profit organization providing youth athletic programs and community events to the town of Westport Ct.Nationally recognized for their volunteerism and trail blazing athletic programs

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Westport PAL
2017 Football Board


PAL Athletic Director            Carmen A. Roda

Presidents:   Paul Coniglio & Joanna Mitchell
Vice President   Joel Beck
Secretary/ Website:   Kelly Konstanty
 Coaching Advisor   Marce Petroccio
Cheerleading:   Joanna Mitchell
Coaches Committee:   Joel Beck
Registration   Kelly Konstanty 
Team Moms /Volunteers   Joanna Mitchell
Equipment Committee:    Sal Augeri
 Marketing   Tom Barreca
FCFL Liaison:   Steve Borys
    Paul Coniglio
Flag Football:   Duke Saltus
    Paul Coniglio
Staples Liason  

Jim Farnen

8th Grade Parent Rep    
7th Grade Parent Rep   StevBorys
6th Grade Parent Rep   Jim Farnen
5th Grade Parent Rep  

Jon Zames 

4th Grade Parent Rep   Paul Coniglio
3rd Grade Parent Rep    
 Flag Rep   Keith Lombardo/ Duke Saltus