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Please review the important information below, which discusses mandatory protective gear, equipment and clothing for female lacrosse players.

Players are required to wear & have:


Stick: The pocket of a girl’s stick shall be strung with four or five longitudinal leather and/or synthetic thongs, 8-12 stitches of cross-lacing and no more than 2 “shooting/throw” strings. Mesh pockets are not allowed (except for 4th grade and below).  

The stick’s overall length shall be no more than 35 ½ inches minimum and 43 ¼ inches maximum. The stick should be cut to a comfortable length for the player to play without the stick getting in her way of proper cradling/throwing/ground ball motion. (Tip: Place the butt of the stick under the player's arm and extend her arm along its length. Add a few inches for growth. Make the cut at the butt end of the stick so that you do not have to remove the head).

The top of the ball must remain above the plastic sidewall after pressure has been applied to and released from a ball dropped into the pocket of a horizontally held stick.  The ball must move freely within all parts of the head and stick, both laterally and along its full length.

The Goalkeeper Stick’s overall length shall be no more than 35 1/2" minimum and 48" maximum. The pocket of the stick shall be strung with six or seven longitudinal leather and/or synthetic thongs and stick lacing or be mesh.

Mouth guard: The mouth guard must fully cover the upper jaw teeth. Must be colored - no clear mouth guards.

Eye protection: Eye Guards must meet the most current US Lacrosse requirements. View manufacturers and eyewear which meets this criteria here.

Goalies: The goalie must wear a helmet with a face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves, a mouth piece, a chest protector and padding on the shins and thighs. The helmet must meet the NOCSAE test standard. Padding on the arms and shoulders is also acceptable. For travel teams, the goalie must wear a top of the same color as her team over her chest and shoulder pads; and must wear bottoms which are in agreement with the team's predominant color or be black or gray.

Optional equipment:
 Close fitting gloves, nose guards and soft headgear may be worn by all players.

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