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Recent articles that may be interesting to Westport PAL Girls Lacrosse Participants.


"The Why's of Multisport Participation", US Lacrosse Blog, July 27, 2016

Multi-sport athletes get recruited more than specialized athletes.  Multi-sport athletes get injured less.  Multi-sport is the way to go.  But what does that mean and why?


"How to Keep Girls in the Game After Puberty", CNN, June 28, 2016

By age 17, most girls (51%) will have quit sports, according to a new survey.  Survey: 7 out of 10 girls who quit sports after puberty didn't feel like they belonged.  Sixty-one percent of female executives said sports contributed to their career success. Ninety-four percent of women in the C-suite played sports, 52 percent of them at the university level, the study found.


"National Lacrosse Participation Tops 800,000", Brian Logue for US Lacrosse, May 17, 2016

National lacrosse participation topped 800,000 active players for the first time since US Lacrosse began monitoring participation levels in 2001.


"US Lacrosse Adopts New Player Segmentation Policy", Brian Logue for US Lacrosse, March 15 2016

Effective September 1, 2017, players will need to be grouped in age groups with a September 1 cutoff.  Age verification will be required.


"4 Qualities That Lead To Success Playing In College", Positive Coaching Alliance Resource Center

Lacrosse Coach Denise Wescott shares four important qualities for success at the next level.


College Stats from US Lacrosse, US Lacrosse Website, 2015

No sport has grown faster at the NCAA level over the past decade than lacrosse and club lacrosse is growing just as fast. A record 170 teams played NCAA Division I lacrosse (67 men's, 103 women's) in 2015.