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                                        IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE WESTPORT FAMILY YMCA


The Westport PAL Travel Basketball program prides itself on maintaining the proper balance between competitiveness and fairness. The objective of each team is to develop individual skills and team concepts while giving each child the opportunity to play and contribute. All games have four-8 minute quarters (Boys 4 and Girls 4 will vary) and PAL has instituted guidelines that call for the younger teams to play each player a minimum of 12 minutes a game. The oldest teams may at times have their boys and girls play anywhere from one quarter of a game to an entire game. Its all about the kids.

Fourteen (15) Teams will be formed as follows:
Grade 4 Boys(2)   Grade 4 Girls
Grade 5 Boys(2)   Grade 5 Girls
Grade 6 Boys(2)   Grade 6 Girls
Grade 7 Boys(2)   Grade 7 Girls
Grade 8 Boys(2)   Grade 8 Girls(2)

REGISTRATION: Will open the week of 9/18/17
Players must be residents of Westport or attend school in Westport

TRAVEL BASKETBALL FEE: Your payment of $775 (Grades 5-8) will need to be made within ten days of notification in order to secure the players spot on the team. Unpaid player spots will be removed from the team so another player will have the opportunity to play. Grade 4 travel fee is $625 and the same rules listed above apply.

By registering online, all forms except the  Medical Form will be completed online. The  Medical Form can be submitted on the first day of Practice.

The 2017-18 will have Tryouts in October & November. Please look for the schedule the week of 9/18/17.