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Wherever possible, a generic PAL form has been created and can be found here.
These generic forms can be used for any PAL sport program.

Note: Many of the PAL sports have their own set of forms. 


Medical Form - Medical Forms are required for most PAL sports programs. 

Westport PAL Youth Sports offers confidential scholarships for any child that would not otherwise be able to participate in the program  due to financial circumstances. If you would like a scholarship, you must Contact the Westport Department of Human Services. They will determine financial eligibility.  Our programs include tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, basketball (boys & girld), lacrosse (boys & girls, track and wrestling, 

Due to the rising costs associated with sports programs, we are unable to grant FULL scholarships. 
Instead, we will reduce the player fee to $100 (or approximately 25% of the player fee on those programs costing less than $350). Community service at 2 events will also be expected.

Carmen Roda
Director, Westport PAL Youth Athletics
Westport PAL Athletic Programs
P.O. Box 3222
Westport, CT 06880