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The Westport PAL Youth Lacrosse Program’s objective is to provide an enjoyable and
safe environment for the boys to play and learn to love the game of lacrosse.


The Program’s focus is to:

·         Teach the core fundamental skills and promote skill development

·         Teach the basics of game play (Mini Wreckers & House League)

·         Develop and foster proficiency of game play (Travel Team Level)

·         Promote sportsmanship and team play over individual play.

·         Prepare our 7th and 8th grade players to make a seamless transition to high school lacrosse at Staples.

·         Have FUN!!!

The Youth Program has been coordinated with Paul McNulty, the Westport Staples High School Varsity Coach.  This coordination will foster a continuity of approach to skill development and game play from an early age through a player’s high school years.   
Grade-Based Program
Westport PAL lacrosse is a grade-based program. Players will be placed on teams with other players in the same grade (except if we have to combine players in different grades to form a team due to the number of players available – described more fully below).  We do not conduct tryouts based on age.  Players are not invited to “play up” in grade


Grade K & 1 – Mini-Wreckers

The ultimate goal of the Mini-Wreckers' program is to establish an early love and enthusiasm for lacrosse that will serve our youngest players for years to come. To facilitate this goal Mini-Wreckers will progress through 3 main stages over the course of the season - Stage 1: Intro to Lacrosse (sticks only); Stage 2: Full Equipment Play; Stage 3: Game Time - all of which culminates at the end of the year with the “Pound at the Sound” jamboree. Practices are held twice a week on Tuesday and Sunday and will focus on lacrosse fundamentals with an emphasis on general athleticism, participation, sportsmanship and fun. 

Jerseys will be provided.  


Tuesday: 5:30PM - 6:30PM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Sunday: 4:30PM - 5:30PM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Start Date: Sunday April 2, 2017

Grades 2 – Mini-Wreckers
Practices will be in a clinic format on Tuesday's with house-league games every Sunday afternoon. Game format will be heavily informed by U.S. Lacrosse U8 competition structure that consists of a 4v4 format with mini-goals on a size appropriate field. The teams will be evenly balanced and selected after the first full week of practice. 
At the end of the season the boys will participate in the Pound On The Sound 7v7 Jamboree in Norwalk against other local programs. 


Jerseys will be provided.  


Tuesday (Practice): 5:30PM - 6:30PM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Sunday (House League Games): 4:30PM - 5:30PM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Start Date: Sunday April 2, 2017


Grade 3 & 4 – House League

Practice will be in a clinic format on Thursdays with House League games played Saturday mornings.  The games will be 7 vs. 7 on a size appropriate field.  The teams will be evenly balanced with a mix of 3rd & 4th grade boys.

The 3rd and 4th grade may have an optional practice on Sundays.  The 3rd grade and 4th grade will also play other towns and may participate in a tournament over the course of the season.  All players will be invited to play in games vs. other towns and tournaments.

Jerseys will be provided. 


Thursday (Practice): 5:30PM - 6:30PM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Saturday (House League Games): 10:15AM - 11:45AM @ PJ Romano Field, Saugatuck Elementary School

Sunday (Inter-Town Games): TBD 

Grades 5-8 - Travel Teams
Grades 5-8 operate under a travel team format. All players are eligible for travel.  The new player segmentations rules will apply to all boys in grades 5-8.  Please check the player segmentation tab.
Team Assignments and Composition
Players in grades 5-8 will be assigned to teams based on skill levels. Teams are separated into Blue / White / Grey teams with Blue being the most experienced players. The teams will play against similarly skilled teams based on the CONNY tier system (Tier I, II and III, with Tier I being the most experienced players).
Players selected to the Blue and White teams are expected to make lacrosse their priority sport during the Spring season.  See Travel Team Policy below. 
The goal is to keep rosters to 17-25 players per team.  

Depending on the number of players, we may field one or more teams consisting of two grade levels; 5th and 6th graders would be combined; 7th and 8th graders would be combined.  Combined teams will participate at the White and Grey team levels, depending on the overall team’s skill level.
Practice / Game Schedules
Grades 5 and 6 will practice 3 time per week and play games on Saturdays and Sundays. Parents should anticipate having games on both Saturday and Sunday on most weekends. As the season progresses there may be a few weekday games on the schedule.

5th Grade Schedule

Tuesday @ Staples Football Field: 5:45pm-7:15pm
Thursday @ Wakeman E**: 5:45pm-7:15pm
Friday @ Kings Highway: 5:45pm-7:15pm
*Our weekly practice schedule will be the same for both our Blue Team and White Team. 
**Wakeman E is the grass field set in the back furthest from the road

Saturday & Sunday: Time and Locations TBD

6th Grade Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Practice): 5:30PM @ Combination of Wakeman, Staples and PJR Fields

Saturday & Sunday (Travel Games): Time and Locations TBD

Grades 7 and 8 will practice 3 times per week and play games on Saturdays and Sundays. Parents should anticipate having games on both Saturday and Sunday on most weekends. As the season progresses there may be a few weekday games on the schedule.

7th & 8th Grade Schedule

TBD - will likely depend on team placement

All teams will play a full slate of travel games against towns in Fairfield and Westchester counties as well as a few jamborees. The goal for each travel team is to play on 12-15 days during the season (including jamborees which normally include multiple games in a day).
Start of Practice / Player Evaluations
Practices begin March 4, 2017 for all players in grades 5-8.  All players will be evaluated during the first two weeks of practice.  Team assignments will be communicated prior to practice on March 22.
***Practice days and schedules are tentative and subject to change.
Travel Team Policy
Players selected to the Blue team are expected to make lacrosse their primary sport during the spring season.  Travel team placement and playing time will be based upon the “3 A’s” – Attitude, Aptitude and Attendance. 
The White team will have a slightly less rigorous policy and is for players that anticipate having a few conflicts during the season. However, consistent unexcused absence will result in reduced playing time. The Grey team is the best option for players that may have other sports commitments, are trying lacrosse for the first time, and /or are not sure of their commitment level.
However, although Grey team coaches will be more tolerant than Blue and White team coaches of missed practices and/or games because of conflicts with other sports or other reasons,  players missing numerous practices or games will be given decreased playing time. 
Excused absences include health, family, school and religious obligations.
Note – Westport PAL Lacrosse and the coaches of each travel team reserve the right to make adjustments to travel team rosters during the season based on practice and game attendance and individual effort levels. 
Important message regarding adjustments to the program
Westport PAL reserves the right to adjust the Program to ensure the Program’s goals are met.  Factors that may cause Westport PAL to adjust the Program include, but are not limited to, the number and / or skill level of the players participating in the Program.