Westport CT 06880 The Westport Police Athletic League is a leading non profit organization providing youth athletic programs and community events to the town of Westport Ct.Nationally recognized for their volunteerism and trail blazing athletic programs

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Please try to get to as many tryouts as possible to give the evaluator as much data as possible.  The goal is to get all of the boys on the “right” team for their skill level.


The schedule may change as a result of the weather.



8th grade

Thursday, March 16th – 8-9pm – SONO

Sunday, March 19th – 10:30 – noon - PJR


7th grade

Thursday, March 16th – 7-8pm – SONO

Sunday, March 19th – 9-10:30am - PJR


6th grade

Wednesday, March 15th – 8-9pm – SONO

Saturday, March 18th – 9-10:30am - PJR


5th grade

Wednesday, March 15th – 7-8pm – SONO

Saturday, March 18th – 10:30 – noon  - PJR