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Westport Lacrosse is adopting new age guidelines for our boys and girls teams beginning in the Spring 2017.  These guidelines will apply to players in Grades 5-8.  The guidelines are suggested by US lacrosse and are being adopted across CONNY (the organization that guides and promotes youth lacrosse in CT) for Spring 2017.  This change will impact a small portion of Westport players that are old in their grade and will be required to play up.

CONNY Grade / Birth Date Ranges





Birth Date Range

Age Group



Born 3/1/2003 through 8/31/2004



Born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2005




Born 9/1/2005 through 8/31/ 2006



Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2007




  • Children YOUNGER than the birth dates with their grade have a choice to play with their grade or play with the younger grade.  The child must elect which team they are trying out for PRIOR to tryouts and stay with that group for the season.

  • Children OLDER than the birth dates for their grade must play in the grade or age group their birthdate is linked to (play up).  

  • Children in grade K-4 will not be impacted by this change for the 2017 season.  We appreciate these years are focused on development.

  • OLDER children in 8th grade are given six extra months to play in the program because they cannot play high school.  Children older then the 3/1/2002 cut off and in 8th grade may petition Westport PAL and CONNY if they wish to play.

  • Some areas of the Westport program will continue to have mixed grade level teams.  These teams are required to play teams in their division.  For example, a 5/6 grade team can play any team in the Junior Division.   As is always the case, scheduling does consider the age, size and ability of our teams when selecting appropriate games.

  • Westport does not allow players to play in an older birth date range