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Evaluations are based on a performance matrix.  The performance matrix will provide the players, coaches and their parents a detailed description of what skills will be covered during the season and what skill set is needed at each level of play.   There will be new players entering at every age and every level which is why the matrix is important for coaches and players.  By following a matrix coaches and players can have a common goal and expectation for the season.  At the end of the season the coaches will give the girls an evaluation to let them know what accomplishments they have made during the season along with what skills they need to work on to improve their own play. 

The matrix will be developed by our coaches. The matrix will be used as a part of our evaluations for team placements in the spring.  Please understand that part of the evaluation will be your daughters’ willingness to put lacrosse ahead of other sports during the spring season.  We understand that girls play many sports, however lacrosse is a spring sport and if they are unable to make it to practices and games because it interferes with other sports they may be placed on the B team.  This is not meant as a “punishment” but simply to make it fair to all – especially to the girls who do make lacrosse their priority in the spring.  We want the girls to understand that being part of a team is a commitment to their teammates.  They need to respect their teammates and make every effort to get to practice and games. 

Neither the Wesport PAL board nor the Girl’s Lacrosse Board has any say in the evaluation process.  This is the sole responsibility of the coaching staff and they will employ elements of the performance matrix and fitness in the evaluation process.  The evaluation process will be conducted over a two day period in March.  The purpose of this process it to insure that each girls is place on a team that will best enable her to build confidence in her playing ability,  improve her skill set  and love of the game while having fun and becoming a respectful team player.