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3rd & 4th Grade teams    
Outlaws Hounds Lizards Rattlers
Clachko Bacro Benton T Adipietro
Holleman Benton R DiGioanni Caggiano
Kickham Brundage Fiala Fleming
Liguori Clark Leonard Halky
Lobsenz H DiDonato Marcus Knesich
Long Lapatine Noorily Pretty
McGeehan Lobsenz A Skatoff Sale
Schaefer Sandrew Skolnick Stoler
Sunjka Schoeneck Somashekar Weil
Taylor Smith Stern Wolff
Week 6      
  Blue   White
Pod 1 Rattler vs Lizards
Pod 2 Hounds vs Outlaws


5th & 6th Grade Teams        
Bandits Roughnecks Swarm Black Wolves Knight Hawks Stealth
Ambrose Bacro Buckman Chulupsa Bessey Ardrey
Friedman Burmeister Dick Clark Eigen Cirasuolo
Gerrard Germishuys DiMaio Herrmann Greenlee Gay
Keefe Hannon Dornblaser Kosakowski Klein Herald
Little Holleman Gross Lucarelli Levin Libman
Rosen Nealon Honig Sachs Maurillo Roseme
Seideman Owen Norris Wright Sale Scherer
Skolnick Peters Siegel Wiele Goodman Petrosinelli
Watkins Smith        
  Week 6        
  Blue   White    
Pod 1 Roughnecks vs Swarm    
Pod 2 Stealth vs Black Wolves    
Pod 3 Knighthawks vs Bandits    


7th & 8th Grade Teams    
Blaze Cannons Launch Bayhawks
DeOreo Kosakowski Basich Best
Fleming Leonard Clachko Dorsey
Keefe Liguori Eigen Hynes
Kirkorsky Roland Fullenbaum Kass
Markus-Malone Sale Kiniry Klein
McGeehan Skatoff Kleiner Mace
Milberg Stickley Levine Moro
Rogers Wyman Paliotta Zuckerman
Udell Feinleib Schaefer  
Week 6      
  Blue   White
Pod 1 Launch vs Cannons
Pod 2 Blaze vs Bayhawks



The rules have been established to create the following experience for our young lacrosse players:

  1. Ensure their safety
  2. Enable a free-flowing, fast paced, creative game
  3. Facilitate as many “touches” of the ball as possible per player


  • Games will consist of one (1) period, running clock with 2 minutes between games (1 master game clock will be kept for all games).
  • In case of a tie, a 3-minute sudden-death OT will begin immediately (no break). If no goals are scored during OT, game will end in a tie.
  • 6v6 including goalie (NOTE: If either team has less than 8 total players, move to 5v5 format including goalie). Short sticks only. New goalie per team, per half – MANDATORY.
  • No off-sides. Everyone is a “midfielder.”
  • Face-off will start the game and half-time (no face-offs after goals). The face-off set up will consist of 1 face-off man per team only. The remaining 4 field players per team will line up behind goal-line extended with 2 on the defensive end and 2 on the offensive end. They can only release once possession is called.
  • After a goal has been scored the scoring team must drop back past the midfield line. The goalie will then re-start play with an outlet pass. The defensive team can release across the midfield line once possession has been gained by a field player.
  • Standard out of bounds rules apply, including closest to shot. Side “curtains” are out of bounds. Once the ball or any body part/stick with possession hits the curtain it is an immediate dead-ball and goes to opposing team. Make sure to enforce defender giving 5 yard cushion on re-start. Cones will be used to mark end-lines and side-lines with no curtains.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO BODY CHECKING OF ANY KIND. (NOTE: this includes what would be considered a “legal” body check in typical field play.)
  • If a multi-player ground ball “scrum” exceeds more 5-7 seconds blow whistle and apply “alternate possession” rule (BLUE team is awarded first possession).
  • NO one-handed stick checks and NO slashing. This includes stick checks anywhere other than the gloves or elbow pads. (NOTE: Please have a quick whistle on slashes. Including once the glove and/or elbow checks become excessive. Again, player safety first in this league, so let’s call this tight).
  • All penalties will incur a 1-minute, releasable man-down. Penalty clock to be kept by game ref.
  • Subbing through box on the fly or on dead-balls. Alert ref if subbing on dead-ball so he can hold-play (NOTE: Please sub quickly in order to keep game moving).
  • Sportsmanship is mandatory at all times. At the ref or coach’s discretion a player exhibiting poor sportsmanship will be subbed out immediately and go to the end of the substitution line. 3 unsportsmanlike conducts result in removal from game.
  • Fighting of any kind results in immediate removal from game.
  • All games end with team handshake.