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Welcome Cheerleading Families to PAL Winter Cheerleading 2018!

After great success last year, we are excited to welcome you back to Winter Cheerleading (open to cheerleaders in grades 2-8).

Westport PAL is a volunteer youth organization mostly run by dedicated parents who lend their valuable time each week.  We are always encouraging parents to get involved and help make a difference in their child's experience.  

Regular Season Practices at Saugatuck Elementary School Gym
Beginning on Friday, January 19th through February

Friday 4:00 - 5:00

Games will be about an hour on Saturdays or Sunday afternoon or early evenings (schedule to follow- one game per weekend)

Our team will also perform at the Annual Westport Senior Center Super Bowl Party on February 4th. 

Uniforms and Logowear
Uniforms will be provided to all participants. Cheerleaders order their own pom poms and boy shorts.
For the girls to show their team spirit and to help support the program, there are several items available to order from our logowear fundraiser. 

Pom Poms are available by emailing Joanna Mitchell at scmitchells@yahoo.com.
Boy shorts and logowear are available from ASF Outdoors at:


Medical Forms are needed by the first day of practice or your daughter will not be permitted to participate. Please bring her form to practice and give it to her coach. If she cheered for Westport PAL in the fall season and her medical form is still valid, you do not need to submit a new one.

Cheerleading is one of the most rewarding sports (YES!! it is a sport!). It can be a great experience for your child. It teaches discipline, strength, responsibility, accountability, friendship and self worth.

We are so thrilled to be working with your girls this season.  


Cheer volunteers:    Joanna Mitchell                                Marcy Rappaport                            Jordan Oliver                                                                                
                                                 mbrappaport@gmail.com            joliver21@optonline.net
Team- Coach Brandy Stanton: brandylynne3@gmail.com