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Welcome to PAL Cheerleading!

On behalf of the entire PAL Football and Cheerleading Association, we are excited to welcome you to the start of the 2017 season!

As we are busy preparing for our season, there are a few important dates and information we would like to share with you.

First, we want to remind you that the PAL organization is a volunteer youth organization which is mostly run by dedicated parents who lend their valuable time each week.  We are always encouraging parents to get involved and help make a difference in their child's experience.  Please contact Joanna Mitchell at
scmitchells@yahoo.com if you are interested in volunteering this season.

Practice will be held twice a week and games will be on the week-ends at PJ Romano Field or at an opponent's stadium in Fairfield County. The game schedule will be available by the beginning of September. The 2017 season games will begin in the first week of September and end with playoffs the third week of November.
CHEER PRACTICE: Is held every Monday and Friday, 4-5:30.  In the event of weather cancellation, you will be emailed by 3pm.  *Please arrive early to be in ready position on the field by 4pm for practice.
CHEER PRACTICE ATTIRE: teams will be practicing cheers, tumbling, stunting and dance routines at practice.  Cheerleaders need to arrive ready to practice with their hair secured away from their face (ponytail), fitted clothing and proper athletic shoes.  (Loose or ill-fitting clothes can get caught up and improper shoes can be dangerous for themselves or others during stunting)  Please bring plenty of water and your poms to each practice.
UNIFORMS: are rented out for each season from PAL cheer.  We will be collecting TWO $50 checks as a deposit. (Both dated 12/1/17)  Once uniform is returned in good, clean condition at the end of the season, both checks will be returned to you.  If you would like to keep your uniform at the end of the year, you may for $100.  If uniform is not returned is a good clean condition, a $50 cleaning fee may be forfeited.
CHEER SHOES: White athletic shoes are required for each cheerleader.  These can be ANY brand, as long as they are ALL white.  Payless Shoes has two great options, as well as Target.  Again, the only requirement is all white, with white laces.  These do not need to be brand name or expensive, just white and clean.
UNIFORM FITTINGS: Are held once registration has closed and we have our teams set for the season.  Uniforms from PAL will be a top and a skirt (Bantam will have a sweater and JR/SR will also have a long-sleeved undershirt) *Please see the ASF website for REQUIRED uniform items (undershorts and jacket) www.shopasf.com   Choose Logowear, Choose Westport PAL cheer.  There are other PAL cheer items available on the site.
CHEER ACCESSORIES: will be ordered by PAL and distributed to the team.  The cheer accessory package cost is $50 for the season.   *This will include: 1 set of navy/silver metallic poms, 1 set of pink metallic poms, 1 navy cheer bow, 1 pink cheer bow, 1 white Captain bow, 1 pair navy/white socks, 1 pair pink/white socks.  These are ALL yours to keep after season.
PINK OUT: Westport PAL wears pink during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness.  The cheerleaders will switch out to pink socks, bows and poms and host fundraising activities to give to a local charity.  If you would like to help out with fundraising ideas, please contact any PAL Cheer volunteers.  We are also planning on cheering at the PINK OUT SHS game.
GIVING BACK: This season we would like to give back and help others in our surrounding communities and around the world.  We will be hosting several collection drives throughout the season.  We will be collecting simple items that you have at home and can pay-it-forward to those less fortunate.  Currently our ideas are a book drive and a shoe drive, but we are open to ideas on how/where to give back.  If you have any ideas, and would like to help out, please let us know.
Please feel free to contact any of your PAL cheer volunteers listed below if you have any questions or concerns.  Looking forward to an amazing cheer season!!!
Cheer volunteers:    Joanna Mitchell                                Marcy Rappaport                            Jordan Oliver                                                                                
                                                 mbrappaport@gmail.com            joliver21@optonline.net
Team- Coach Brandy Stanton: brandylynne3@gmail.com           Jr/Sr Team-Coach Alicia D’Anna: alicia.r.danna@gmail.com         

Medical Forms are needed by the first day of the camp or your daughter will not be permitted to participate. Please bring a copy to the first day of camp or make sure you have emailed the most updated form ahead of time: email it to  scmitchells@yahoo.com

Multiplayer Discount: Westport PAL offers a discount to families with multiple players in Tackle and/or Cheer when you register by August 30. If you have more than one Tackle player and/or Cheerleader, please check the box on your registration to receive a $100 discount off your registration fees. The discount will be in the form of either a credit to the charge card you use for registration or a check. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX ON ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS (Tackle and Cheer). Please be patient---the credit may not be applied during the same month as your charge. Sorry, Flag players do not qualify for this discount.

Cheerleading is one of the most rewarding sports (YES!! it is a sport!). It can be a great experience for your child. It teaches discipline, strength, responsibility, accountability, friendship and self worth.

We are so thrilled to be working with your girls this season.  


PAL Cheerleading Board