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Westport PAL Football Home Page

THANK YOU for visiting the Westport PAL Football (PAL) Home Page. For information specific to Tackle, flag or Cheerleading click on the menu item on left. PAL offers a Tackle program for grades 3-8, a Cheerleading program for grades 3-8 and a Flag program for Grades 1-2 as well as a Flag program for grades 3-8. All grades are for the 2018/2019 school year.

For those who are new to the program: Equipment Pickup and most other football activities for Westport PAL Football happen at Saugatuck Elementary School, 170 Riverside Avenue, Westport, at the Clubhouse next to the PJ Romano Field.

2018 Football Registration:

            For All Online Registrations CLICK HERE


FALL TACKLE FOOTBALL (Grade 4) - $475 if registered by June 30, 2018
FALL TACKLE FOOTBALL (Grades 5-8) - $575 if registered by June 30, 2018
STAPLES HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH FOOTBALL CAMP (Grades 2-8) - $100 (August 6th-8th)

FLAG FOOTBALL (Grades 1-8) - $225 (See Flag Football Tab for Program Details)

FALL CHEERLEADING (Grades 3-8) - $300 (See Cheerleading Tab for Program Details)

Please Note: ONLY ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE for 2018. Once you register online, a MEDICAL FORM is necessary to complete your registration (note: Medical Form not needed for Flag).  Medical forms should be mailed to the PO box by August 1. No uniforms will be distributed and your child will not be able to practice without your registration, payment and the medical form. ALL TACKLE REGISTRATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE 8/1.

  • You are assured a place on one of our teams provided you submit the registration materials, including the Parental Consent Form, Doctor Certification, FCFL Parent and Participant Code of Conduct Forms.
  • You may submit a recent school or sports camp physical form in lieu of ours, provided the medical exam occurred in the calendar year of play.  We reserve the right to require proof of grade or age if necessary.
  • Please note: you must read the Parental Conduct and Player/Cheerleader Conduct information and abide by these guidelines in order to participate in the program. 
  • $250 Tackle Football Equipment Deposit –mandatory equipment deposit, payable by separate check to Westport PAL Football. Your child will NOT receive equipment without this deposit. This check will not be deposited.  It will be returned when the equipment is returned in good, clean condition, in its entirety, and ON TIME.

Multiplayer Discount: Westport PAL offers a discount to families with multiple players in Tackle and/or Cheer when your registrations are completed by 8/1. If you have more than one Tackle player and/or Cheerleader, a $100 discount will automatically be applied during your second (and each subsequent) registration IF your profiles are set up correctly in the system so that all siblings are connected to the same guardians at the same address.
If you question your discount, please send an email to . Remember, your registrations must ALL be entered by the end of 8/15 in order for the discount to be applied.

TEAM PAGES: Once teams are formed (early September), to view information about your team, click on the team tab above and then navigate to your team via the drop down menus. Each team has its own TEAM page(s) for posting information. It is the Coaches responsibility to assign someone to keep their team pages up to date.

ROSTERS: THE ROSTER tab will have a no-contact info roster.

Please note our address for mailing forms:

Westport PAL Football & Cheerleading
P.O. Box 3222
Westport, CT  06880