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  2017 WPAL Scholarships

Annual Ellis Family College Scholarships
The Westport Police Athletic League proudly awarded eighteen college students.

Congratulations !!!

Pictured are (front row, l-r) Ned Batlin (president WPAL), Maria Chappa, Kady Chappa, Mariah Valentrella;
(second row, l-r) Alex Frawley, Andy Palaia, Kelsey Bobrow, Shannon Connors, Taylor Hawes, Sam Arciola;
(back row, l-r) Howie Friedman, president, Scholarship Committee, Tucker Bobrow, Adam Friedman.
Absent from the photo are: Kyle Frawley, Nick Kelly, Samantha Schwartz, Emma Mikesh, Logan Rice, Kristen Godin and Ben Thaw. 

College Scholarship Application

* Westport P.A.L Awarded the 2017 Luciano College Scholarships  June 6, 2017*
The Westport Police Athletic League (PAL) today awarded its annual college scholarships to 18 Staples High School seniors
in addition to the Ellis Family scholarships to three current college students 

Athletic Scholars:  John Backus, Colleen Bannon, Kenny Brill, Ashley Constantino, Samantha Little, Lydia Shaw

Good Citizenship Scholars: Sarah Bavviett, James Fmen, Christian Franzese, Mathew Kashetta,Thomas Moy,
Griffin O'Neill, Chandler O'Reardon, Alejandro Pesantez

PJ Romano Scholarship - Olivia Troy           Greg Lavalla Scholarship - Ryan Caufield
Buck Iannacone Scholarship Kellie Iannacone                Jonathon Uman Scholarship  - Katherine Weinschenk

Ellis ScholarshipBrittany Kelly, Matthew Librandi, Alyson Librandi

Pictured (front row, l-r) James Farnen (Providence College), Chandler O’Reardon, Kellie Iannacone (Villanova), Samantha Little (McGill), 

Olivia Troy (UConn), Ned Batlin, PAL president; (second row) Matt Kashetta (James Madison), Ryan Caulfield (Pitt), Sarah Barnett (Dartmouth), Katherine 

Weinschenk (Virginia), Lydia Shaw (Yale), Thomas Moy (Washington University); (back row) Howie Friedman, chairman, PAL Scholarship Committee, Christian 

Franzese (Pitt), Brittany Kelly (Sacred Heart), Ashley Constantino (Bentley), Alex Pesantez (Syracuse), Kenny Brill (Elon), and Griffin O’Neill (Providence). 

Not pictured: Ellis Family Scholarship recipients Matthew and Alyson Librandi, and Luciano Athletic Scholars John Backus and Colleen Bannon.    
Hat Tip for image to Dave Matlow     

 Visit your high school Counselor to obtain a Scholarship Application and assistance.

Please contact our Scholarship Committee Chairman Howard Friedman at  if you need further assistance.