Westport CT 06880 The Westport Police Athletic League is a leading non profit organization providing youth athletic programs and community events to the town of Westport Ct.Nationally recognized for their volunteerism and trail blazing athletic programs

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Welcome to Westport PAL


The Westport PAL is one of Westport's oldest youth Organizations.
 Established in 1949, the Westport PAL continues to blaze a trail with many outstanding
Youth Athletic Programs, Academic Scholarships and their support of the Westport Community.
The Westport PAL is a non profit organization run by both active and retired police officers
and volunteers from our Community.  

At the core of the Westport PAL organization is our volunteers and our partnership with the town.  
That is our secret to success.

PAL activities include funding and producing the annual Fourth of July Fireworks,
the Ice Rink at Longshore, Police Chief Sam Luciano Golf Tournament, Children's Holiday Party, 
Academic and Sports Scholarships
and the numerous Youth Athletic Programs which include Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading,
Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Track & Field.
Today's Westport PAL has 1900 children participating in its sports programs and 
Annually awards more than 25 Academic Scholarships.

There are many youth programs but there is only one PAL!
WPAL Ice Rink at Longshore

at the
 WPAL Rink at Longshore 



Photos courtesy of Dave Matlow, Westport Now & our PAL, Thank you.


posted 01/13/2017
2017 College Scholarships Awarded

  2017 WPAL College Scholarships

The Westport Police Athletic League presents their Annual Ellis Family College scholarships
Scholarships were proudly awarded to eighteen college students.

Congratulations to All 

Pictured are (front row, l-r) Ned Batlin (president WPAL), Maria Chappa, Kady Chappa, Mariah Valentrella;
(second row, l-r) Alex Frawley, Andy Palaia, Kelsey Bobrow, Shannon Connors, Taylor Hawes, Sam Arciola;
(back row, l-r) Howie Friedman, president, Scholarship Committee, Tucker Bobrow, Adam Friedman.
Absent from the photo are: Kyle Frawley, Nick Kelly, Samantha Schwartz, Emma Mikesh, Logan Rice, Kristen Godin and Ben Thaw. 


posted 01/13/2017
Athletic Training Tip of the Week


Westport P.A.L. is proud to have Performance Physical Therapy providing
sports injury and athletic training services for this 2017


 Sports participation is one of the best ways to maintain good health and also allows you to be social with friends and others in your community. Athletes should be encouraged to participate in multiple sports and avoid specialization in one sport. This will allow the athlete to avoid overuse injuries and avoid muscle imbalance from over-patterning.  

Avoiding the occurrence of over-patterning allows the body to recover properly thus causing the athlete to have a better capacity for increased performance. The best way to decrease over-patterning is to have the athlete participate in two or three different sports throughout the year and have one season of the year where the athlete remains active but does not participate in a specific organized sport.  

As always, an athlete should listen to their body. If there seems to be re-occurring injuries to the same area of the body during sports participation , it may be attributed to over-patterning. The best course of action is proper medical care and rest!

Cheers to a Happy & Healthy 2017!!




posted 12/27/2016
New Program- Spring Youth Rugby Registration Now Open

PAL Spring Rugby Registration Now Open - Grades 5-8

 Westport PAL is proud to offer contact & non contact rugby as starting points in our nation's rugby development.  Here in Westport we are fortunate to have the Nationally 
recognized rugby development programs: the Fairfield Rugby Club (FRC)

 Over 150 years ago, the game of rugby was invented when a young man at Rugby School in England ‘picked up the ball and ran with it’ . Today, over five million people in 120 countries play the game of rugby across six continents! 

FRC and WPAL are teaming up to offer one day Rookie Rugby clinics as an introduction to
Westport middle-schoolers.


Westport PAL Rugby 

Registration for Spring 2017 Westport rugby is now open


Number of teams:

Westport PAL rugby will begin with three age level teams -


Age Group

U14 7 & 8

U12 5 & 6 Grades

U10 Rookie Rugby



U14 and U12 teams will play contact rugby 


Flag "Rookie" Rugby

U10 team will play flag or "rookie" rugby



Each team will have a minimum of two coaches including an independent rugby coach allocated to
team as well as one parent representative for each grade/age group David Lyme, head coach Staples High School rugby team and Fairfield Yankees rugby club, will oversee the coaching program


Practice location and schedule

There will be two practices per week per team which will be broken down according to the following days:




Saturday mornings 8 am -10  

Location: TBA

Tuesdays  5:00 -6:30

Location: TBA

Thursdays  5:00-6:30  

Location: TBA


Season practices will begin in mid March


Games information

There will be six to eight games scheduled with teams from other towns towns of which four will be held in Westport.
Game time will run about 90 minutes


Home games will be held on Saturdays at PJ Romano field 


May  27th from 12 to end of play 

June 3rd  from  12pm end of play 

June 10th from 12pm end of play

Game schedule is designed to minimize conflicts. 


Game times for all age groups to be announced and will be provided on the website


COST per registration $300 for early enrollment if you register by January 15th. After January 15, the price will increase by $50.00 


Meet the coach

We would like to suggest that parents please come 30 minutes before first practice to meet the head coach who will introduce himself, briefly discuss and outline the rugby program and will be happy to answer any questions 



There will be some simple instruction to the sport and plenty of fun games
to introduce skills and generate enthusiasm during the session.

Rookie Rugby is designed with the American athlete in mind.
It is a fun, safe, team game that develops a range of ball handling, running and evasion skills.  
Participants learn the importance of teamwork and respect for opponents, coaches and referees,
which are key elements of all athletic endeavors.


All you have to do is PICK UP THE BALL AND RUN WITH IT!


by posted 12/13/2016
Keeping Your Profile Up-to-date

Westport PAL Policy prohibits coaches and admin personnel from making changes to member profiles.

All Westport PAL families can update their contact information such as addresses,
phone numbers and e-mails at any time. 

It is the responsibility of the LEGAL GUARDIAN who created the family profile to make any changes to address, phone numbers, email addresses AND adding additional parent/guardian profiles to the player.

Here's how:

1) Click on the 'Edit My Account' button at the bottom of the lower left hand menu options from the Home page of the website.
2) Enter your e-mail address and password.  (Don't know your password, just read the instructions above the data entry box. Still have questions? Go to the Website Help pages located on the home page and all sports tabs.)
3) Click on any family member's name and you will have access to change what you need.

Keeping your information up to date is important.  All PAL sports rely on the contact information in our database and out dated information may cause you to miss important updates.

Thanks for being a part of Westport P.A.L.

posted 05/14/2011
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