Westport CT 06880 The Westport Police Athletic League is a leading non profit organization providing youth athletic programs and community events to the town of Westport Ct.Nationally recognized for their volunteerism and trail blazing athletic programs

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Welcome to Westport PAL


The Westport PAL is one of Westport's oldest youth Organizations.
 Established in 1949, the Westport PAL continues to blaze a trail with many outstanding
Youth Athletic Programs, Academic Scholarships and their support of the Westport Community.
The Westport PAL is a non profit organization run by both active and retired police officers
and volunteers from our Community.  

At the core of the Westport PAL organization is our volunteers and our partnership with the town.  
That is our secret to success.

PAL activities include funding and producing the annual Fourth of July Fireworks,
the Ice Rink at Longshore, Police Chief Sam Luciano Golf Tournament, Children's Holiday Party, 
Academic and Sports Scholarships
and the numerous Youth Athletic Programs which include Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading,
Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Track & Field.
Today's Westport PAL has 1900 children participating in its sports programs and 
Annually awards more than 25 Academic Scholarships.

There are many youth programs but there is only one PAL!
WPAL Ice Rink

hat tip for this photo to Dave Matlow, Westport Now
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posted 11/24/2016
WPAL Children's Holiday Party


posted 11/24/2016
Athletic Training Tip of the Week


Westport P.A.L. is proud to have Performance Physical Therapy providing sports injury and
athletic training services for this 2016-2017 athletic season.



Over training, also known as burnout, is becoming a more widespread physical and mental health issue among the youth, high school and collegiate athletic population in this past decade. Athletes are become bigger, faster and stronger at a younger age. With this increase in performance capacity it is only natural that practice and workouts become longer and more intense than in previous years. The issue arising is that even with the increased capacity and resistance to fatigue athletes tend to neglect the most important and key factor to optimal performance - Rest. The recovery process from workouts and from extended practice is the how athletes increase there performance level. Without adequate rest and recovery the body will continue to breakdown and become catabolic. Being in a catabolic state, or continual breakdown of muscle fibers, glycogen stores and other energy sources, causes a negative impact upon performance thus making workouts and activity suffer. If an athlete continually does not recovery from workouts and get proper rest the body will adapt to performing at subpar levels.
This will eventually lead to injury, health issues and long term kinesthetic problems. 

 The best way to avoid over training is to allow for 24 hours between high intensity training sessions, having lower intensity sessions between these higher intensity sessions. Allow one full 24 hour period of rest from activity per week. For more information consult your Athletic trainer.


View the link below for more knowledge on Over training. 

Burnout in Athletes




posted 10/26/2016
Keeping Your Profile Up-to-date

Westport PAL Policy prohibits coaches and admin personnel from making changes to member profiles.

All Westport PAL families can update their contact information such as addresses,
phone numbers and e-mails at any time. 

It is the responsibility of the LEGAL GUARDIAN who created the family profile to make any changes to address, phone numbers, email addresses AND adding additional parent/guardian profiles to the player.

Here's how:

1) Click on the 'Edit My Account' button at the bottom of the lower left hand menu options from the Home page of the website.
2) Enter your e-mail address and password.  (Don't know your password, just read the instructions above the data entry box. Still have questions? Go to the Website Help pages located on the home page and all sports tabs.)
3) Click on any family member's name and you will have access to change what you need.

Keeping your information up to date is important.  All PAL sports rely on the contact information in our database and out dated information may cause you to miss important updates.

Thanks for being a part of Westport P.A.L.

posted 05/14/2011
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